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Model Mississippi:

The Campaign







Lobbying the Legislature


On January 21, 2019, Rep. Scott Delano introduced House Concurrent Resolution 40, and the resolution was referred to the Rules Committee in the 2019 Congressional Session. Resolution is linked below.​​​

Rules Committee?

The Rules Committee, referred to as the 'traffic cop of Congress', is a powerful committee that is in charge of determining under what rule bills come to the floor. It creates a rule for each bill to be debated on the floor. The rule establishes the time/extent of debate and the amendments that can be offered.  

House Concurrent Resolution?

There are three types of resolutions that move through Congress. Usually, bills are legislative proposals that, if enacted, carry the force of law, while resolutions do not. Each type of resolution comes in a House form and a Senate form.
  1. Simple resolutions (H. Res. and S. Res.) are often used by each chamber to set their own rules such as how much time is used for debate or to express the sentiment of a chamber. They are only voted on in their original chamber and don’t have the force of law.
  2. Concurrent resolutions (H. Con. Res. and S. Con. Res.) are similar to simple resolutions, but they are used for rules that affect both chambers of Congress. These resolutions are voted on by both chambers, are not signed by the President, and do not carry the force of law.
  3. Joint resolutions ( H. J. Res. and S. J. Res.) are more complex. Rarely, joint resolutions can be used to enact law in exactly the same manner as a bill. Joint resolutions also are used by Congress to begin the process of a constitutional amendment. These types of joint resolutions must be passed by both chambers and then ratified by 3/4ths of the states.  

Polling for Potential Replacements


Six high schools from Mississippi's four congressional districts are being selected to participate in the Model Mississippi campaign. In their participation, not only will young Mississippians have a say in their state's future, but they will also have the opportunity to learn about how their government works. Poll results will be used when evaluating resolution edits.

Searching for Support

During the summer, Model Mississippi will work to gain additional political backing and media coverage. Support within the chamber is especially important for 2020's session. 





Reconvening with the Recruits


During the fall semester of the next school year, Model Mississippi will reconnect with participating schools to update them on the progress of the campaign.  





2020 Congressional Session


This session will showcase the input of the campaign through an improvised resolution. Depending on how the resolution travels through the chambers, it could result in a 21st-century representation of Mississippi in the National Statuary Hall in Washington, D.C. 

Congressional Session?

The period during which Congress assembles and carries on its regular business. Each Congress generally has two regular sessions (a first session and a second session), based on the constitutional mandate that Congress assemble at least once each year.
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