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Bill to Law: A Saga

“We can’t become what we need to be by remaining what we are.”

Oprah Winfrey

Kosciusko, MS native

One of the greatest features of the Model Mississippi Campaign may also be its most substantive. While statues have a 'concrete stature', knowledge is power. And, what better way for the youth of Mississippi to learn about the way American government works than by following legislation in real-time? Below is a lesson plan designed to teach students the reality of a bill traveling through Congress to become a law.

Worksheet 1 is provided for students to reflect on their state before watching the video. The completed worksheets can be extremely useful as a way to gauge what Mississippi means to them.



Anchor 1

To begin the lesson activities, students need to complete the 'Before the Video' portion of Worksheet 2. Afterward, have the students watch the video linked below and complete the 'After the Video' portion of Worksheet 2. Worksheet 2 offers the opportunity for students to document their understandings of the reality of legislation.



Worksheet 3 offers an extension activity at the conclusion of the lesson asking students to both articulate positive aspects of Mississippi and the change that they want to see in the world. It is important for students to remember that their answers and opinions are valid. 



The goal of this lesson plan is to effectively relay to the students the importance of understanding a government that is supposed to work for their wellbeing. With that being said, a public poll for who should represent Mississippi today is linked below. An exclusive poll for participating schools will be administered accordingly.

Public Poll

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